Who would you trust more, Tiger or Phil?

Recent survey reveals opinions from the golfing public
Who would you trust more, Tiger or Phil?

Was reading a great little piece on Golf.com the other day, and it posed a curious question… Who would you trust more, Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson?

Turns out a global sports marketing and research company called Repucom posed the question (and others) in a recent survey. Some of the findings were very interesting to say the least:

  • Tiger was trusted by 44% of responders
  • Phil was trusted by 69% of responders, followed by Adam Scott (68%), Rory McIlroy (63%), and Bubba Watson (63%)
  • Tiger’s highest mark came in influence (60%), followed by appeal (59%), trendsetter (54%), and aspiration (49%)
  • Phil had some staggering results, leading the way with appeal (76%), aspiration (75%), awareness (73%), influence (72%), and trendsetter (66%)

Who would YOU trust? Tiger or Phil? And do you think they care what the general golfing public thinks of them?


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