What is ForeScore?

We are a gathering place for people who want to re-ignite golf’s spirit of adventure as articulated by course designer / pioneer Dr. Alister MacKenzie. He believed in giving the player thrills which to us means memorable holes which offer conquerable challenges. And we believe that the strategy used to get from tee-to-green, including the sticks used and type of shot taken is something worth sharing. Golf for the rest of us — relevant to how we’ll play next time out.

We will be focusing on:

  • Cool courses to play
  • And how get a snappy round in (time of day, week, etc.)
  • Particular holes worth noting
  • And how that hole was conquered (approach & sticks used).
  • Equipment discovery stories
  • Sticks, balls, etc.

Most important — We want to hear from you — the non-PGA Tour player or teaching pro.
We know that you’ve got ideas on all of the above topics and more.

We figure if we get folks excited about the game, the revival will be contagious and the phrase “playing golf” will take on new meaning with an emphasis on play and fun.

Are you ready for the adventure? Please join us!

– Team ForeScore