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Thrills and Spirit of Adventure...

Thrills and Spirit of Adventure…

A long time ago, in a country not far away (across “the pond” actually), a golf course designer / architect set out to “modernize” the game by including undulating greens, long and narrow greens angled from the center of the fairway, fairly large and free-form bunker shapes, and substantial additional contouring. His many adventures included spending a significant amount of time studying / charting the Old Course at St. Andrews.


His takeaway? Give the player thrills. He was an advocate of making sure there was always an interesting shot to play. For Dr. Alister MacKenzie, golf was about embracing the spirit of adventure.

Between then and now, something has gotten lost in translation as the focus at many courses is really about eliminating the dramatic element for easy scoring. Plus, the golf courses (and their management companies) are very much focused on revenues (maximize the number of rounds and the revenue per round via cart fees and food/beverage). The spirit of the game… the one that really keeps you coming back for more, has been relegated to history books. But with the number of rounds per year diminishing and the loss of younger generations finding their adventures elsewhere (X-games, video games, etc.), now seems like an ideal time to look for ways to reignite that spirit of adventure.


Embracing the adventure.

At ForeScore 2.0, we aim to do just that. We will be focusing on:

  • Cool courses to play
  • And how get a snappy round in (time of day, week, etc.)
  • Particular holes worth noting
  • And how that hole was conquered (approach & sticks used).
  • Equipment discovery stories
  • Sticks, balls, etc.

Most important — We want to hear from you — the non-PGA Tour player or teaching pro.
We know that you’ve got ideas on all of the above topics and more.

So we are using modern tools (Internet, Social Media) to update a century-old story worth telling — how you found your thrills on [fill in the hole and course using this stick/ball].

We figure if we get folks excited about the game, the revival will be contagious and the phrase “playing golf” will take on new meaning with an emphasis on play and fun.

Are you ready for the adventure? Please join us!

– Team ForeScore

Annie Latham

@yoannie Email

Annie has been writing about golf (equipment, gadgets, courses) for many years. She is an advocate of speed golf and enjoys playing a snappy round a couple of times a week.

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