Wedgemaker James ‘Patrick’ Harrington Joins Titleist

Wedgemaker James 'Patrick' Harrington Joins Titleist

Custom wedge maker James ‘Patrick’ Harrington has announced via his website that he’s joining Titleist to further advance his career. His comments read as follows:

I’m joining Titleist Acushnet to further advance my passion and creativity in the world of wedges. Titleist is providing the resources needed to continue to explore the unending pursuit of creating the world’s finest wedges.

This is the next step in the journey of my life’s work. This opportunity would not have been possible without the support of you… Team JP. Thank you for helping to build the foundation of the JP brand.I look forward to what the future brings and picking up where we left off… Stay tuned.

Could this move be the first for Titleist in a succession plan for Bob Vokey? Most definitely. Vokey (god love ’em) is 73, and with some health issues hindering him in recent years, the move (in my opinion) comes just in time. Harrington will be able to work under the masterful eye of Vokey to further hone and perfect his craft. In the end, all of US will be in a better spot, because Titleist will no doubt be pumping out better wedges as years roll on.

As always, time will tell us where this story ultimately ends, but we’ll stay on top of it here at ForeScore. In the meantime, check out for a look at his handiwork. He’s good. Titleist got a good one here, for sure.

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