Video: Chi Chi Rodriguez takes one in the Chi Chi’s

Follows up embarrassment by nailing second attempt like a champ
Video: Chi Chi Rodriguez takes one in the Chi Chi’s

On the Golf Channel’s ‘Big Break’ one of the most popular and notorious competitions is the ‘glass break’ challenge. A pane of glass is setup at a distance from each competitor, and they are timed to see how long it takes to successfully break the pane with a well struck shot. Tricky and challenging for sure, but when Chi Chi Rodriguez recently took part in the challenge, I don’t think he suspected the danger that would await.

Attempting the challenge for the first time on a recent episode of ‘Big Break NFL’, Chi Chi hit his first ball into the frame holding the pane of glass. The ball caromed back to hit him… well… right in the ‘Chi Chi’s’.

In good form and good spirit however, Chi Chi walked off the blow and calmly replied with ‘There’s still something there… I had forgotten I had something there’.

All things considered, Chi Chi stepped back up to the challenge and broke the glass with his second shot. To see for yourself, check out the video below:

Via: Golf Channel

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