Tough break for D.A. Points

Disqualified for using a practice aid during his round
D.A. Points disqualified for using a practice aid during his round

During the second round of the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, D.A. Points was waiting on the iconic 18th tee. There was a long wait, for some groups, 15 to 20 minutes or more. During his wait, D.A. took the opportunity to pull out a green ball given to him by instructor Grant Waite, and began to take some practice swings with it. The swings were caught on camera, and the result was a disqualification for violation of Rule 14-3.

The bottom line, he should have known better.

“We were standing on the tee; it’s cold, it’s raining,.. I pull out the ball and make some dry practice swings, just trying to loosen up. I come to find out it’s an unusual training device, something you wouldn’t have in your bag. It’s my fault for not knowing the rule and I own up to that, but I don’t want people thinking I was using some sort of contraption or device. It’s just a green spongy ball. That’s it. It’s not something they sell online or anything.”

D.A. takes a practice swing with training aid under his arm.

D.A. takes a practice swing with training aid under his arm.

Rules infractions (particularly inadvertent infractions) are tough for players to swallow, but the way in which D.A. handled everything shows that he’s a true professional. He took it in stride, and is even going to play out the third and fourth rounds with his pro-am playing partner Condoleezza Rice, even though his scores will not count in the tournament.

“It’s still an opportunity to play with her… If maybe I can have a hot round and Condoleezza can play great, maybe I can help her move further up in the tournament.”

Good on ya D.A.

Source: Golf Channel

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