There’s a new wedge in town: Hopkins Golf is open for business is live and lookin' good.
There's a new wedge in town: Hopkins Golf is open for business

We reported on Hopkins Golf not too long ago, to let you know about a Facebook contest they had running. It was fun, intriguing and certainly raised awareness of the company… but we have some more important news to report on today.

Just yesterday, Hopkins Golf opened their doors to the public. To check them out, simply head over to to customize wedges, purchase headwear, apparel and other accessories. The site is very nice indeed, and the wedge lineup looks sharp. I highly recommend popping into their wedge customizer. Lots of options abound, from lofts and custom grinds, to grips, shafts and ferrules.

Also of note, Hopkins has partnered with UPS in a very strategic way. They’ve located their club assembly inside UPS facilities. I think it’s safe to say, once your new wedge is built and ready to go, it’ll be in safe hands and off to your front door in no time!

Congratulations to everyone at Hopkins Golf, the launch has no doubt been the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort by a lot of great people!


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