The Putt-A-Round putting aid from Anne Stone

A great training tool that provides 360 degrees of putting practice!
The Putt-A-Round putting aid from Anne Stone
Our Putt-A-Round gets a lot of use!

Our Putt-A-Round gets a lot of use!

Looking for a putting aid for the home or office that is easy to use, doesn’t take up much space, and packs away with ease? The Putt-A-Round putting aid from Anne Stone is just that. I’ve been using one around our office for some time now, and I love it.

Putting it Together

The Putt-A-Round goes together with ease. Handy instructions are included in the box, and it only takes a minute. Screw together the flag pole, attach it to the base, and slip the flag on top. That’s all there is to it.

Using the Putt-A-Round

Using this trainer is dead simple. Place it down on the floor, and stroke putts at it. That’s all there is to it. But the COOL thing about the Putt-A-Round is the way it accepts putts. Even if you’re on the ‘cup’ area, if you’re off to the left or right just a bit, the cup will reject the ball off to the side. As you can see, there’s a slight curve to the base. This helps you focus on hitting the cup dead-on… and in reality, this actually mimics putting to a real hole. Hit it wide left or right, and the putt lips out.

The angled base rejects balls that are slightly offline

The angled base rejects balls that are slightly offline.

For indoor practice, I actually recommend picking up two (or more) if you have the space available. It makes for handy (and fun) indoor putting practice.

Another feature I enjoy is the 360 degree access to the cup. With most putting trainers, cups, greens, etc, there’s only one direction into the cup. And if there IS a full cup (like on most putting mats), there is so little green behind the cup, that you’re only left with one putting direction. With the Putt-A-Round, you can fire away at the hole from any direction.

Good putts 'stick' to the cup.

Good putts ‘stick’ to the cup.

Quality Materials

The Putt-A-Round is made of quality stuff. Right out of the box you’ll notice the materials are heavy duty. The base and flag pole are made of anodized aluminum, and the flags are stitched and dyed right in the U.S.A.


Another cool thing about the Putt-A-Round is the customization options. Perfect for corporate gifts, presents, or anything else you can think of, customizing your Putt-A-Round is pretty darn cool.

There’s 9 custom base options (choose from black, silver, blue, green, orange, red, pink, purple or blue/red). You can also send artwork to Anne Stone to customize the flag to your liking. EPS files are preferred for this, but you can also send JPG or PDF files. As you can see in the shot below, Anne Stone was kind enough to put together a custom ForeScore Putt-A-Round for us!

The Custom ForeScore Putt-A-Round!

The Custom ForeScore Putt-A-Round!

Where to Buy

I couldn’t recommend the Putt-A-Round more highly. It’s a solid putting aid, it’s built well, and it really does make putting practice enjoyable. When you’re done, it tucks away nicely, ready for the next time you want to hit some putts.

For more information, or to buy your own (starting at $39.97), visit Anne Stone.


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