The Cobra Venom Vault

This one-of-a-kind shop provides unique clubs deep from the depths of Cobra R&D.

Want to get your hands on some extremely rare and limited edition golf clubs? Who wouldn’t right? Well, our friends at Cobra have opened up what they’re calling the ‘Venom Vault’, and it’s stocked full of goodies fit to drool over.

Inside the Venom Vault you’ll find clubs straight from the R&D department at Cobra. Everything from low-loft to special edition colors, to tour editions, to long drive tour items are all in there. If you’re a gear junkie like me, this is a must visit.

Of particular interest to me is the AMP CELL Driver complete with a custom paint splatter design. Very unique.

Check out the paint spatter design on this AMP CELL!

Check out the paint spatter design on this AMP CELL! Custom grip and shaft too!

At any rate, if you’d like to check it out for yourself, head on over. It’s worth the look, and the cool thing is you can actually buy these items should the mood strike you. New items will be added regularly, so it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on the Vault to catch some cool equipment before it’s snapped up.

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