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Hopkins now offering CJ-1 Wedges in Satin Chrome

Hopkins now offering CJ-1 Wedges in Satin Chrome

Many golfers prefer a Black Satin or Tour Raw (RTG) wedge, but for the mast majority, a chrome or satin chrome finish is preferred. Custom wedge manufacturer Hopkins Golf has let us know that a Satin Chrome finish is now available from their website.

The finish is available now on their CJ-1 wedges, joining the Tour Raw and Black Satin finishes that are already available. You can select the finish from 46 through 64 degrees in men’s RH/LH, women’s RH/LH.

For more details, head over to HopkinsGolf.com.

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VR X3X Toe Sweep and Dual Wide Sole Wedges from Nike Golf announced

VR X3X Toe Sweep and Dual Wide Sole Wedges from Nike Golf

Designed to help you strike clean and crisp shots from almost any condition, Nike has announced the VR X3X Toe Sweep and Dual Wide Sole wedges. Both of these wedges are the result of a LOT of hard work by Nike craftsmen and engineers.

The Toe Sweep sole blends some of the best attributes from Nike’s best grinds. It performs like a wide sole in the sand, yet slides through tight lies around the green.

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Hopkins Golf is ‘Throwing in the Towel’

Hopkins Golf is ‘Throwing in the Towel’

The latest manufacturer in the wedge game isn’t closing shop, they’re just giving away free towels with new purchases.

The way the promotion works is simple. Purchase a set or a single wedge with promo code TURKEY to receive a tour authentic Hopkins Golf towel at no charge. Nice!

The offer is valid now through December 1, 2013, so hop on over to Hopkins Golf soon to get started on your custom wedge order.



Cleveland Smart Sole S and Smart Sole C Wedges

Cleveland Smart Sole S and Smart Sole C Wedges

Cleveland has introduced two new wedges to their short game lineup. The Smart Sole S and Smart Sole C wedges feature Cleveland’s widest sole ever. The sole design was engineered to prevent excess digging in turf and sand for more solid contact.

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Photo Gallery: Cleveland 56* 588 Forged RTX Wedge

Cleveland 56* 588 Forged RTX Wedge

Some time ago, the good folks at Cleveland Golf approached me to ask if I’d like to put together a custom wedge using their MyCustomWedge.com system. After considering for a whole quarter-of-a-second, I responded with a YES…

I’m pleased to report that the wedge not only meets but exceeds my expectations. The details are exactly as I specified, and the custom grind, paint fills, finish and other customizations are spot-on.

A detailed review is coming, but until then, have a look at the photo gallery below.

Cleveland 588 Forged RTX Wedge Photo Gallery



Wedgemaker James ‘Patrick’ Harrington Joins Titleist

Wedgemaker James 'Patrick' Harrington Joins Titleist

Custom wedge maker James ‘Patrick’ Harrington has announced via his website that he’s joining Titleist to further advance his career. His comments read as follows:

I’m joining Titleist Acushnet to further advance my passion and creativity in the world of wedges. Titleist is providing the resources needed to continue to explore the unending pursuit of creating the world’s finest wedges.

This is the next step in the journey of my life’s work. This opportunity would not have been possible without the support of you… Team JP. Thank you for helping to build the foundation of the JP brand.I look forward to what the future brings and picking up where we left off… Stay tuned.

Could this move be the first for Titleist in a succession plan for Bob Vokey? Most definitely. Vokey (god love ’em) is 73, and with some health issues hindering him in recent years, the move (in my opinion) comes just in time. Harrington will be able to work under the masterful eye of Vokey to further hone and perfect his craft. In the end, all of US will be in a better spot, because Titleist will no doubt be pumping out better wedges as years roll on.

As always, time will tell us where this story ultimately ends, but we’ll stay on top of it here at ForeScore. In the meantime, check out JamesPatrickGolf.com for a look at his handiwork. He’s good. Titleist got a good one here, for sure.

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Miura adds hand-crafted irons and wedges for lefties

Miura adds hand-crafted irons and wedges for lefties

Miura Golf has expanded its left-handed offerings for all of the lefties out there. They have added new Limited Forged Black Blade irons and Black Wedges for lefties, to their already stellar lineup.

The Limited Forged Black Blade irons are very similar in size and shape to the Limited Forged Black Blades for right-handers. It’s a classic muscle-back style that low-handicapper and scratch golfers alike will enjoy shaping around the course.

The Black Wedges for left-handers come in lofts of 51, 55 and 59 degrees.

Both additions to the lefty lineup and Miura feature a jet-black finish that ‘breaks in’ over time with play. After awhile, the clubs settle in to a silver-grey patina, and it’ll look a bit different for each golfer, depending on where and how often the player plays. Very neat.

The Limited Forged Black Blades and Black Wedges are both available now for lefties from any authorized Miura dealer. MSRP on the blades is $265 USD per club, and $235 per club for the wedges.

For more info, visit Miuragolf.com.

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Wilson Staff Unveils FG Tour TC Wedges

Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedges

Late last month, Wilson Staff launched this brand new wedge. Coming stock with True Temper Dynamic Golf shafts, Lamkin Performance Plus 3Gen drips and a ‘Tour Frosted’ finish, Wilson Staff have produced a sharp, clean and effective little wedge with the FG Tour TC.

Besides the clean look, the new wedges feature something Wilson Staff is calling ‘Traction Control’ (yes, that’s what the ‘TC’ stands for!). The added feature is credited to the club’s Tour-Y grooves. The grooves are aggressive, and are said to contain ‘micro-spin enhancers’. I’m honestly not sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure the club is precision-milled to offer maximum grip and spin when the ball hits the club head.

In terms of finding a FG Tour FC that best fits into your game, there are two sole options to choose from. A Traditional grind and a Tour grind. The Traditional grind is said to be best suited for players with a medium to steep angle of attack, and come in lofts of 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 60 and 64 degrees.

The Tour Grind features a thinner effective sole width for those with a medium to shallow angle of attack. These are available in lofts of 50, 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62 degrees, and may also e bent to 86 different loft/bounce configurations.

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Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedge Photo Gallery

Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedge

The other day, we gave you a quick report on the new Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedges that are coming real soon. They hit store shelves July 12th, and the likes of Phil Mickelson and Chris Kirk already have them in the bag.

Multiple finish, loft and grind options are going to be available at launch, with more options coming as we move along into the fall and winter season.

But I digress… our friends at Callaway have sent along some awesome product shots for us to enjoy. Check them out below.

View the Gallery…

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Callaway Announces Mack Daddy 2 Wedges

Callaway Announces Mack Daddy 2 Wedges

Roger Cleveland is synonymous with amazing wedges. The guy is a legend. His wedges are fantastic… and since moving over to Callaway, he’s continued to ply his craft with skill and finesse. That’s why, whenever I hear of a new wedge designed by the master, I sit up, and take notice. Today is one of those days.

Adding to Callaway’s already stellar lineup of wedges, the company has introduced the Mack Daddy 2 line of wedges.

As luck would have it (well, I suppose there’s actually no luck involved), these wedges are already played on tour by staffers Phil Mickelson and Chris Kirk. If Phil puts a wedge in his bag, you KNOW it’s good.

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