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Nike Golf announces new VR Forged Pro Combo Irons

Nike announces new VR Forged Pro Combo Irons

The new VR Forged Pro Combo Irons from Nike are a thing of beauty. They’re a progressive set, with full cavity in the 3 through 6 irons, and a split cavity in 7 through PW.

What’s interesting about the longer irons is what Nike is calling ‘shot-making gel’, which has been inserted into the pocket cavity of the 3, 4, 5 and 6 irons. The gel is said to produce a crisp sound and feel at impact, similar to a blade iron.

The 7 through PW split cavity irons are setup with what I’d like to call a ‘pro look’ profile, slim topline and all clearly viewable at address.

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Ping S55 Irons spotted at the Barclays

PING S55 Irons

The good folks at PING are bringing along a van full of S55 irons for this weeks’ tour stop at Liberty National Golf Club. Lots of pictures and rumours have been circulating about the S55’s for a week or two now, and personally I’m excited to get my hands on these bad boys. I love low-profile ‘blade’ type irons, and that’s exactly what the S55’s are.

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Miura’s Black Boron Finish Irons hit the market in limited numbers

Miura's Black Boron Finish Irons hit the market in limited numbers

The look of a club at address is important. It inspires trust and confidence in your swing, and for some, reducing glare and increasing contast between the club head and ball is important.

Miura is aiming to take on these needs with a new limited number edition of their iron sets. Due to the time and effort needed to create the Black Boron finish, Miura is only guaranteeing about 10 sets in the new finish every month. To date, they’ve pumped out the CB-501 irons and Passing Point 9003 irons in Black Boron.

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Miura adds hand-crafted irons and wedges for lefties

Miura adds hand-crafted irons and wedges for lefties

Miura Golf has expanded its left-handed offerings for all of the lefties out there. They have added new Limited Forged Black Blade irons and Black Wedges for lefties, to their already stellar lineup.

The Limited Forged Black Blade irons are very similar in size and shape to the Limited Forged Black Blades for right-handers. It’s a classic muscle-back style that low-handicapper and scratch golfers alike will enjoy shaping around the course.

The Black Wedges for left-handers come in lofts of 51, 55 and 59 degrees.

Both additions to the lefty lineup and Miura feature a jet-black finish that ‘breaks in’ over time with play. After awhile, the clubs settle in to a silver-grey patina, and it’ll look a bit different for each golfer, depending on where and how often the player plays. Very neat.

The Limited Forged Black Blades and Black Wedges are both available now for lefties from any authorized Miura dealer. MSRP on the blades is $265 USD per club, and $235 per club for the wedges.

For more info, visit Miuragolf.com.

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Callaway X-Forged Irons: A Closer Look

Callaway X-Forged Irons

I have to admit, for the longest time, I had never been a big fan of Callaway irons. However, over the past few years, they’ve really made a shift towards a more ‘classic’ look, something I’m always on the eye out for. Perhaps I’m a purest or old-fashioned… I don’t know… but I do know I like the look of the new X-Forged irons.

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Photo Gallery: Cobra AMP CELL Pro Irons

2013 Cobra AMP CELL Pro Irons

Cobra’s AMP CELL Pro Irons are stunning to look at… and I have no doubt they are awesome to play as well, especially for the scratch or lower handicap golfer. This set is constructed of forged 1020 carbon steel, has a super low glare satin finish, and comes stock with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts.

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