Sneak Peek: What Brandt, Bill and Branden are wearing at the U.S. Open

Peter Millar has given us an insider look at what their style ambassadors will be wearing.
Brandt Snedeker in Peter Millar golf apparel

As the U.S. Open draws near (next week at Merion, in Ardmore Pennsylvania), players, instructors, manufacturers, and even apparel companies are making final preparations for the week. It always astounds me at the amount of preparation that goes in to each and every week on the PGA tour, especially for major championship weeks.

Our friends at Peter Millar are no different, and are working diligently to make final preparations for the event. In doing so, they recently contacted us, and wanted to give our readers a sneak peek at what you’ll see their style ambassadors (Brandt Snedeker, Bill Haas and Branden Grace) wearing at Merion, all next week. Below are the apparel ‘scripts’ for Brandt, Bill and Branden. Check ‘em out:

Brandt Snedeker U.S. Open Apparel Scripting


Bill Haas U.S. Open Apparel Scripting

Bill Haas' U.S. Open apparel script from Peter Millar

Branden Grace U.S. Open Apparel Scripting

Branden Grace's U.S. Open apparel script from Peter Millar

If you like the look, Peter Millar does have many of the items each player is wearing, up for sale, on their website. They’ve even built nice little landing pages for each player. I’ve included handy store links below:

There’s no doubt that Peter Millar makes some of the finest golf apparel out there today. They’re among the top luxury lifestyle brands today… and having worn some of their apparel recently, I can attest to the fact that it’s top-notch stuff.

Very much looking forward to seeing Brandt, Bill and Branden out on the course, in their Peter Millar duds.

Discuss Peter Millar apparel in our forums or leave a comment below!

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