SeeMore Private Reserve FGP Black Putter

Inspired by the original FGP putter, the private reserve kicks things up a notch.
SeeMore Private Reserve FGP Black Putter

The Private Reserve FGP Black from SeeMore is a blade style putter that features SeeMore’s RifleScope (RST) technology. RST ensures you’re lined up square, with your eyes directly above the ball… every time. See that red dot on the heel of the putter? RST works by forcing you to cover up the red dot with the shaft of the club. Once you do that, you’re in a proper setup position, and ready to strike that putt. Neat huh?


A look at SeeMore’s RifleScope (RST) technology

In comparison to its older brother (or sister, depending how you like to name your putters) :), the Private Reserve Tour FGP Black has a thicker top-line.

By placing most of the weight behind the sweet spot, this putter also maximizes something called the ‘twirl effect’. Basically this describes how easily the putter opens and closes when twirled in the fingers. The benefit for you? Fantastic feel.


Custom Length: 30″-37″
Custom Lie: 68°-74°
Loft: 2.5º
Head Weight: 340 grams
Dexterity: Right Hand Only
Shaft Option: Straight Only
Head Material: 303 Stainless Steel
Custom Accessories: Grip & Headcover


The body of the Tour FGP is 100% CNC milled from investment grade 303 steel and incorporates a milled internal hosel. This kind of hosel connection provides an extra internal connection between the shaft and head, which also enhances the feel built-in to this flatstick to a tremendous degree.

Custom Fit

As with all SeeMore putters, their website lets you customize your Private Reserve putter to certain specs. Choose your length, lie angle, grip and head cover. The Private Reserve line also lets you select a face milling preference (not all putters have this available). Bottom line, there are lots of options… and I highly recommend taking your time to study the options before you make a decision. In fact, better than that, I highly recommend finding a SeeMore Certified Instructor near you to fit you to the PERFECT putter for your game.


Some more shots of the FGP Black for your viewing pleasure:

SeeMore-PR-Tour-FGP-Black-3 SeeMore-PR-Tour-FGP-Black-4 SeeMore-PR-Tour-FGP-Black-5

More Info

For more information on the SeeMore Private Reserve line, and to browse all of their putters, head on over to and follow them on twitter @SeeMorePutters.


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