SeeMore ‘Cliq-Fit’ Putters Spotted in the Wild

New putter fitting system makes it easy to try different shaft lengths, grips and heads.
SeeMore 'Cliq-Fit' Putters Spotted in the Wild

Adjustability and customization are the name of the game when it comes to golf equipment these days… Especially when it comes to drivers. But for irons, wedges, and especially putters, there hasn’t been much progression in terms of ‘hands-on’ customization that anyone can tweak and adjust to tinker with that game.

When it comes to putters, it looks like our friends at SeeMore have been hard at work on a new fitting tool for their students, and by the looks of things, it’s a system that ‘could’ change everything.

SeeMore’s new ‘Cliq-Fit’ system that allows putter heads and shafts to be switched up quickly and easily. The benefit for this (especially while testing new putters) is to try new grips, shaft lengths, putter heads and more, all with a quick and easy to use swap system.

Zoomed-in view of the Cliq-Fit connection point.

Zoomed-in view of the Cliq-Fit connection point.

While SeeMore insists they have developed the system for in-house use at their Putter Institute, I can’t help but think of the general golfing public on this one. If it looked right, felt right, and was easy to use, why WOULDN’T you want a putter like this?

Different shafts, grips and putter heads. Changing them up is easy!

Different shafts, grips and putter heads. Changing them up is easy!

I say this because, you KNOW the giants at Titleist, Callaway and TaylorMade will be working (if they aren’t already) to perfect similar technology to market and sell to golfers worldwide.

In the end, I suppose it all comes down to what SeeMore values most. They’re a private company. They don’t have shareholders to answer to. Profits are important, but the product and player is more important to them.

That said, systems developed by smaller companies like SeeMore are huge opportunities in my opinion. Where will SeeMore take it? Will they continue status quo and use in-house? Or develop the system to the point where it can be mass produced for the golfing public? Or will one of the big boys step in and acquire the technology?

Only time will tell… but in the meantime a huge *tip of the cap* to SeeMore for their continued innovation. If you’d like to know more about SeeMore’s Cliq-Fit system, head over to and find an SPi Certified Instructor near you.

Image credits: SeeMore and GolfWRX


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