Rickie Fowler drops an ace, shares on Instagram

Rickie Fowler drops an ace, shares on Instagram

Earlier today, Cobra Puma staffer and all-around great guy Rickie Fowler posted a very special shot on Instagram. It wasn’t a shot of what he was eating, or where he was at the time… it was a shot of a hole-in-one he just got! How cool is that?

Rickie put together a little collage of shots taken on the 4th hole at the Medalist course. To drop the ace he used a Cobra AMP Cell Pro 6-iron from 200 yards away. No details on how the ball exactly went in the hole, but we have no doubt it took a few soft bounces before finding the cup.

Love stuff like this. Social media connects us to our favorite players in so many different ways.

Well done Rickie!

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