Review: The Original Putting Alley

One of the best putting trainers to hit the market in a LONG time.
The Putting Alley

To make any putt, you have to get it started with the right pace and direction. The Putting Alley was built to help isolate your stroke and eliminate all other variables except those that effect direction. The end result? You’ll improve your face angle and swing path, and start more putts online.

Using the Putting Alley

A raised putting surface is found on each side of the Putting Alley. One side is 1″ wide, the other a much trickier half-inch. There’s also a ‘loading slot’ so that you don’t have to bend over and place the ball in the trainer with each and every stroke. Very handy.

A 'quick start' guide is included in the box.

A ‘quick start’ guide is included in the box.

Stroke your putt and miss to the left or right, and your ball will fall off the alley and hit the barrier blocking the cup. Hit the putt on line, and the ball will fall right into the cup at the end. Success!

The cool thing is, even if you sink or miss the putt, the ball comes back to you. There’s a slight angle to the black plastic on the trainer to return the ball to you. Couple that with the ‘loading slot’, and all you have to worry about is hitting putt after putt… after putt.

It’s important to note, placing the Putting Alley on a flat surface is critical. If you place on an uneven surface, the trainer will be almost unusable. The ball has to track right down the middle of the alley to find the cup, so if there’s any left or right break, that can make things mighty tricky.

My Recommendations

Toss 3 balls down on the floor next to the Putting Alley, and spend 5 or 10 minutes mastering the 1″ side. Hit putt after putt, and once you’ve sunk 10-in-a-row, flip the trainer to the half-inch side. This is where things get interesting.

Do the same on the half-inch side. The narrower alley is exponentially more difficult to master… But spend another 5 or 10 minutes on this side. Keep track of your longest success streak and go through the above routine 3 or 4 times a week.

I really enjoy using the Putting Alley. It’s helped my putting, and I know it will help yours.

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Pricing and Where to Buy

Multiple versions of the Putting Alley are now available. The ‘Original’ Putting Alley (as pictured above) goes for $49.95. However, if you want to step up to one of their ‘Tour Edition’ models in Beech, Cherry or Walnut, each of these models retails for $159.95. All models come with a quick start guide to help you get going, although, not much explanation is needed :) What’s important is you use the trainer consistently to ingrain a great stroke!

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