Photo Gallery: Puma ZL Golf Shoes

Great looks combined with superior comfort and traction make these a winner.
Photo Gallery: Puma ZL Golf Shoes

When Puma approached me to offer a pair of ‘Zero Limits’ (ZL) shoes to try out, I had to think about it for little more than half a second to reply with a resounding YES! These are the same shoes Ian Poulter and many other Cobra staffers wear on tour, and I couldn’t wait to test them out.

Made with a soft, full-grain leather upper, these shoes are lightweight and require no breaking in. Puma has what they call ‘EverFoam’ in the heel for a custom fit, and yes, the fit is good. In terms of traction, the replaceable S2Quill spikes are great, and I’ve had no issues on the course.

But I digress. A review is coming… in the meantime check out the photo gallery below of these great golf shoes.

Puma ZL Golf Shoes Photo Gallery

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