Peyton Manning Shoots 77 at Augusta National

Yes. It really happened.
Peyton Manning Shoots 77 at Augusta National

This is one of those stories that you hear about and think ‘Yeah, sure… Peyton Manning broke 80 at Augusta National… and I shot 65 yesterday at Pinehurst’. But seriously, this really happened.

Turns out that quarterback and living legend Peyton Manning has been doing a lot of golfing in his off season, and the practice is paying off. In his first ever loop around the grounds at Augusta National this past weekend, Manning fired a 5-over round of 77. He shot the round with John Fox and John Elway in his group. Talk about a threesome.

No word yet if the round was shot from the members or tournament tees, but my hunch would be latter. I’m sure more details will come out on this.

I’m fairly certain I could match Manning’s 77. On the front nine.

Via: Devil Ball Golf

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