Nike Introduces RZN franchise, featuring RZN Core Technology

New golf ball lineup features revolutionary core system that maximizes energy transfer
Nike Introduces RZN franchise, featuring RZN Core Technology

Nike Golf has unveiled a new line of golf balls yet again. In what they call an industry first, their new Speedlock RZN core technology is built-in to every golf ball in the new RZN lineup: RZN Platinum, RZN Black, RZN Red, and RZN White.

The Speedlock RZN core technology features something quite unique – an interlocking core design. The core’s surface is simlar to a waffle iron, in that it interconnects with the compression layer of the ball to form a tighter bond. The bond in turn increases the energy transfer through the layers at impact. End result, longer shots off the club face.

Nike says that in other balls on today’s market, there’s some natural ‘slippage’ between the core and compression layers. This results in wasted energy transfer, and a loss of distance. The tight bond in the RZN core ensures that maximum energy is transferred through all your shots.

Rock Ishii, Senior Director of Golf Ball Development commented on the new technology:

“We knew we hadn’t pulled 100-percent of the energy that we could out of the existing RZN core. Working in partnership with DuPont we were able to develop a softer and faster RZN material and created the interlocking core design to reduce energy loss at impact. That means more distance, especially with fairway woods, irons and wedges, and softer feel and sound around the greens…

…The lightweight RZN material allows us to add weight to the perimeter of the golf ball which gives the new RZN family an extremely high moment of inertia (MOI) in a golf ball. This provides incredible ball flight stability in all wind conditions.”

Sounds good for sure, and Nike staffers agree. Rory McIlroy and Paul Casey have already put the ball into play in 2013.

“I want something that sounds fast off the club head, and something that sounds soft around the green,” Casey says. “This new ball with Speedlock Technology does that.”

The new Nike RZN golf ball lineup will include four versions:

  • RZN Platinum: Tour Performance control and moderate spin (MSRP $50 per doz)
  • RZN Black: Tour Performance distance and less spin (MSRP $50 per doz)
  • RZN Red: Distance Performance, longer carry (MSRP $35 per doz)
  • RZN White: Distance Performance, softer feel, for swing speeds 95-100 mph (MSRP $35 per doz)

Look for the new lineup to be available at golf shops near you on March 1st, 2014.

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