Nike Golf unveils update to NG360 app

Share photos, learn from the pros, and more.
Nike Golf unveils update to NG360 app

In a recent update to the NG360 app for iOS, Nike Golf has let us know that a LOT of new features are now available.

The app itself is known to motivate, inspire, and track your game. There’s the standard score and stat tracking, and even Nike+ leaderboards to see how you stack up against other players.

But with this latest update, you can share customized photos, tag the location and friends, and even overlay stats, scores, personal bests and ‘trophies’, right on the image.

Inside the update you’ll also find a frame-by-frame breakdown of Tiger Woods‘ and Rory McIlroy‘s swing. Handy for breaking down a couple of the best players in the game to see what they do so well. Note their positions, and see if you can get into them!

Finally, the latest feature added is something Nike calls ‘Levels and Comparisons’. With this feature you can measure your performance in a bunch of categories against other Nike+ users, or Nike sponsored athletes. Compare your stats against the crowd to see where you fit in, and gain some insight into areas where your game needs improvement.

The update is available now for all iOS devices in the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Scotland, and Germany.

Download: Nike Golf 360 App


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