Nike Golf intros new VR Forged Wedges

More Grinds & Increased Precision
Nike Golf's New VR Forged Wedges

Crafted of a soft 1025 carbon steel and finished in premium satin finish, Nike Golf’s VR Forged Wedges are a thing of beauty. Simple, classic and elegant – all reasons why golfers everywhere are saying these wedges are the best looking new wedges on the market. According to Nike Golf, “the Nike VR Forged wedge family is finely crafted to deliver enhanced shot-making consistency, tour-level feel and long-life groove performance.” The new wedges showcase three distinct sole grinds – standard, dual narrow and dual wide – allowing the golfer to match the various elements of a golf course. Aside from the grinds, Nike Golf has also enhanced various components of the club face, such as placing more grooves using Nike Golf’s high-frequency X3X technology and a precision laser crosshatch pattern, which will ultimately increase control, consistency and spin. And don’t worry, the new clubs fully conform to USGA rules!

Another cool fact to point out is that three of our favorite golfers were responsible for the various designs – Tiger Woods, Paul Casey and Francesco Molinari.

Check out the logic behind each design and the added benefits (courtesy of Nike Golf):

  • Standard Grind: The VR Forged wedge with a standard grind is the most versatile profile for all conditions. This sole grind, which was inspired by feedback from Tiger Woods, ensures the correct address position without the need to open the face. This wedge is for the athlete who likes a multiple wedge system in their bag where loft is the primary difference.
  • Dual Narrow Grind: Featuring a dual narrow grind, the VR Forged wedge has a narrow sole width with higher bounce and extreme heel relief. The wedge sits low to the ball whether the face is square or open. The dual narrow grind was influenced by Nike athlete Paul Casey, who likes to create more shots with fewer wedges.
  • Dual Wide Grind: Through research in conjunction with Nike Golf’s European Tour staff, who often face very wet conditions and heavy morning dew, Nike created the VR Forged wedge with a Dual Wide Grind. With the help of Nike athlete Francesco Molinari, club experts found that the Dual Wide Grind has all the benefits of a wider sole with a low bounce. The easiest of the three grinds from any location around the green, this wedge is designed to get the ball up high in the air with ease. This grind allows the athlete to be accurate from the bunker but still deadly from the narrow lies. The Dual Wide Grind is an excellent second or third wedge option.

VR Forged Standard Grind

  • Finish Options: Tour Satin and Black Oxide
  • Loft/Bounce Options: 48/10; 50/10; 52/10; 54/12; 56/14; 58/10; 60/10 (Available in RH) 52/10; 56/14; 60/10 (Available in LH) Tour Satin only
  • MAP: $129.99

VR Forged Dual Wide Grind

  • Finish Options: Tour Satin and Black Oxide
  • Loft/Bounce Options: 56/8; 60/6 (Available in RH)
  • MAP: $129.99

VR Forged Dual Narrow Grind

  • Finish Options: Tour Satin and Black Oxide
  • Loft/Bounce Options: 56/16; 58/14; 60/13 (Available in RH)
  • MAP: $129.99

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