Michael Putnam extends contract with Cleveland/Srixon

Michael Putnam extends contract with Cleveland/Srixon

Joining the list of equipment deal signings over the last few weeks, Michael Putnam has extended his contract with Cleveland/Srixon.

As seems to be the usual with these types of extensions, it’s a multi-year extension, but exact terms and compensation has not been published.

The deal is no doubt an exciting one for Putnam AND Cleveland/Srixon, as Putnam won twice on the 2013 Web.com Tour, and finished the season first in earnings. His consistent play has earned him a spot on the PGA Tour for next season.

Putnam had these comments on the extension:

“Cleveland Golf equipment and the Srixon ball are two big reasons why I finished No. 1 on the Web.Com Tour this year. The Srixon ball provides me with great feel around the green and I get incredible distance with my Cleveland driver.”

Putnam plays Cleveland woods, irons and wedges, and plays the Srixon Z-STAR golf ball.

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