Matt Kuchar Signature Putter Models by Bettinardi

Now you can roll it like the Kuch!
Bettinardi KM Series Putters

We’ve all seen Matt Kuchar recently notch big wins on the PGA Tour and noticed his world ranking steadily climb. The reason – his new found putter! Thanks to Bettinardi Golf, we can all putt just like Matt. The Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Signature Models 1 & 2, just released, are now available through select stores and the company’s website.

With respect to the putter head, very little differs between the two models, except the shape. The Model 1 was designed as a heel-toe weighted, face balanced standard putter with a wider profile, whereas the Model 2 is a pear-shaped mallet with a double tier. Both putters showcase the Bettinardi patented F.I.T (Feel Impact Technology) face, which promotes a softer feel, with a pewter PVD finish. The most interesting points about this putter revolve around the shaft lengths, offset and putter loft. For both the models, the standard length putter stands at 35 inches, 1 shaft offset and 3 degrees of loft,

while the ‘Kuchar Style’ putter stands at 42 inches, 2.5 shaft offset and 7 degrees of loft.

The Model 1, ‘Kuchar Style’ putter has gained most of the attention as this was the putter used to win the WGC Match Play Championship earlier this year. The ‘Kuchar Style’ putting method is an interesting one because it encourages golfers to lock their lead arm and wrist, which is known to promote consistency. The style promotes a generous forward press, which is the reason why the putter requires a whopping 7 degrees of loft. Golfers everywhere should consider this a worthy alternative to the belly putter, since Model 1 & 2 ‘Kuchar Style’ fully conform with USGA rules.

Images of the Kuchar Model 1

Bettinardi KM 1 Putter Sole

Sole of the KM1 Putter

Bettinardi KM 1 Putter at Address

KM1 at Address

Bettinardi KM 1 Putter from Behind

The KM1 from Behind

Bettinardi KM 1 Putter Face view

Face view of the KM1 Putter

Images of the Kuchar Model 2

Bettinardi KM2 Sole

Sole of the KM2

The KM2 at Address

View of the KM2 at Address

The Bettinardi KM2 from Behind

The KM2 from Behind

Face view of the KM2 Putter

Face view of the KM2

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