Loudmouth’s Made-to-Order options are where it’s at

Order up custom pants, shorts, jackets and more.
Loudmouth's Made-to-Order options are where it's at

We all know how frustrating it can be buying clothes off-the-rack. Often times they just don’t fit right, and if your’e an ‘unusual’ size, chances are there’s nothing on the rack for you. Well, our friends at Loudmouth Golf are now going the extra mile, offering a made-to-order service on many of their pants, shorts, skirts, jackets and more!

Some of the custom options you can select include:

  • Odd & even numbered waist sizes
  • Any length you need
  • Different fits: Regular, EX Fit, 5-Pocket, European
  • Optional cargo pockets on pants
  • Slim or relaxed fit pant options
  • Optional ‘tour’ slit on pants

Custom sizing options are available on 4 men’s pant styles, men’s shorts at any length with an optional EX Fit waist, 6 women’s pants, capris, shorts, mini-shorts, skirts and skorts (all at customizable lengths).

Horse sheets. Seriously.

Horse sheets. Seriously.

There’s also men’s and women’s blazers, college pants, wind shirts and hoodies. Heck, as ridiculous as it sounds, they even have chef jackets and polo horse sheets. Yes, polo horse sheets.

At any rate, I’ll leave it there for now. If you’d like to check out the custom made-to-order options available in your part of the world, visit LoudmouthGolf.com and find the ‘Made-to-Order’ section on the main menu.


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