Loudmouth Golf debuts Crak!, Cow and Cheezburger designs

I felt a little silly writing that headline, but it's true.
Loudmouth Crak! Design

Our friends at Loudmouth have unveiled some new designs, and they’re just as colourful and wacky as ever.

The ‘Crak!’ design (pictured above) was inspired by 1960’s pop-art. In the design you’ll notice a woman troubled by her golf-crazy husband. They’re conversation starters for sure.

The ‘Cowz’ design is, well, it is what it is. Put them on and you might feel like you’re grazing a pasture on the prairies. The cow print on these is very well done. If you want something a little crazy to add to your golfing wardrobe, this design might be the one to pick up.

Loudmouth Cowz Design

Finally, the ‘Cheezburger’ design is a brightly coloured plaid number. Orange, black and yellow are the colors of choice here, and offer quite a unique (and bright) look.

Loudmouth Cheezburger Design

All of these designs are available in the U.S. only at the moment. They’re coming to Canada, Europe and Australia very soon.

For more info, visit LoudmouthGolf.com.


J.R. Falconer

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