London’s Olympic Park to Host Inaugural UK Cross Golf Open

On 15 May, the first annual UK Cross Golf Open will be staged at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The event will see Britain’s top cross golfers compete for one of 12 places in the UK’s European Urban Golf Cup (EUGC) team. The EUGC in London takes place at the same venue the following day (May 16) and is the biggest tournament of its kind in Europe.


For those unfamiliar, Cross Golf (AKA Urban Golf or Street Golf) Cross golf draws on all the best aspects of traditional golf but in a more relaxed setting. It demands skill, concentration and ambition but in a faster, more flexible format. The game is played in alternative environments including parks, playgrounds and urban landscapes and players can enjoy the game without an annual membership, green fees or strict dress codes.

Per the FAQ from The Community Golf website, the key rules place an emphasis on safety, respect and the consideration of others. To ensure no damage to people or property, participants use almostGOLF balls which are designed to mimic the spin, trajectory and other flight characteristics of real golf balls.


Think in 3s.

  • Each player will be given three almostGOLF Balls for use on the day.
  • Also, just three clubs typically a 6-iron, a wedge and a putter, are allowed. No hybrids or drivers or woods. This is iron-play.

The objective is very similar to traditional golf — with each hole presenting unique challenges in an “off-course” environment. Thus this event taking place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  As you can imagine, a ‘hole’ in cross golf can vary enormously and require a bit of creativity to navigate.

Circling back to Friday’s event, Community Golf players from across London and Surrey have been invited to submit teams to participate.

This video will give you more of a sense of what this sport is all about.

What we love the concept of Cross Golf.  It fits all the essential “food groups” with its emphasis on faster play and the need for both skills and smarts.

We really hope this sport catches on in the States.


Check out the UK Cross Golf Open Facebook page to learn more.


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