Jack Nicholson spent $75k on set of Honma golf clubs

Jack spares no expense when it comes to his golf game.
Jack Nicholson spent $75k on a set of Honma golf clubs

Would you ever spend $25,000 on a set of clubs? How about $50,000? Didn’t think so.

If you’re like me you probably have more appropriate uses for your money. However, it appears as though money is no object to three-time Oscar winner Jack Nicholson. The 12 handicapper didn’t spend 20k or 50k on a new set of clubs…It has been reported he spent a cool $75,000 on a set of clubs from Honma. Outrageous!

Honma is known to hand craft some of the most expensive clubs in the world. The company builds their equipment from scratch with a team of more than 100 seasoned craftsmen. Their team works each club to perfection, but I have to wonder… is the perfection achieved by a team of 100 craftsmen better than the output of today’s modern technology? What would Tiger or Phil do with these clubs in the bag?

We’ll have that debate another time…

All I know is $75,000 is a nice chunk of change to spend on anything, let alone a set of golf clubs.

Good on ya Jack, I think… er… maybe not.

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