Insta Golf transforms any shoes into golf shoes!

Insta Golf transforms any shoes into golf shoes!

I do quite a bit of running, and where I live the winters are, let’s say, a little unfavourable on the weather side of things. A couple of years back, my wife bought me some spikes for running in the snow and ice. These spikes were on a rubber chassis of sorts, and I could stretch them around my running shoes to turn what were regular shoes, into spiked running gear. Pretty cool.

I always wondered if there was a product of similar make for golf, as I’ve forgotten my shoes from time to time, while hitting the range or on that quick impromptu 9 with friends.

The other day I stumbled across such a product, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re available for purchase already.

‘Insta Golf Shoes’ from 32North are, well, exactly like they sound. Constructed of a rugged Thermoplastic Elastomer, these spiked accessories wrap around whatever shoes you happen to be wearing, turning them instantly into cleated footwear.

I can see a few real good reasons to have a pair of these on hand.

First, for a friend or colleague that may not have golf shoes, having a pair of these kicking around could really come in handy.

Second, for the times when you actually forget your golf shoes, problem solved.

Third, for traveling, sometimes space (and weight) is crucial.These take up a lot less space, and are extremely lightweight.

Finally, perhaps you just want to golf in your favorite pair of shoes. Strap these on, and mission accomplished.

Insta Golf Shoes are available now from for $39.95. They’re available in 7 different colors, in sizes XSmall to Large.


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