IJP Design launches limited edition putter cover for 113th U.S. Open

The new putter cover is the second in a series marking the 2013 major championships.
IJP Design Limited Edition U.S. Open Putter Cover

Ian Poulter is one of the most stylish and fashion conscious players on the PGA Tour, there’s no doubt about it. Everything from his shoes to his visor to his golf bag is meticulously scrutinized, and you can surely tell that fashion is one of his passions… I suppose that’s one of the things people find so endearing about him. He’s different. He loves all of the extra ‘stuff’ that goes along with the game, as most of us do.

On the topic of ‘stuff’, Ian and his design company (IJP Design) is launching the second in a series limited edition putter covers to commemorate each of the majors in 2013.

The cover features design cues from the course in Ardmore, where the 113th U.S. Open Championship will take place. Available now at the IJP Design store for $69.95, this cover is definitely unique, stylish, and rare. Only 350 blade style and 250 mallet style covers were produced in this limited edition.

More details in the official release below.

IJP Design Launches Second Limited Edition Putter Cover to Mark the Majors

As golf fans across the world make preparations for June’s 113th championship taking place at the internationally renowned course in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, IJP Design is launching its second in a series of four 2013 limited edition putter covers to mark each of the majors.

All pins on the historic course are topped with red wicker baskets instead of the usual flags and have been used since the course opened in 1910. The iconic red is featured on the putter cover design using rustic leatherette material to create a vintage look and feel. The liberty bell, an iconic symbol of American independence located in Pennsylvania, is printed in navy blue and the mix of red, blue and white represent the American and UK national colours.

The putter cover, along with the rest in the series, represents Ian Poulter’s iconic style with striking colours and eye-catching designs. Just 600 limited edition putter covers have been produced, 350 in blade and 250 in mallet and each one individually numbered on a limited edition tag.

The limited edition cover is made from PU/leatherette with soft fleecy lining and includes an IJP Design ball marker in gun metal and white enamel. It comes in its own protective, lined tote bag, which can be used for holding spare golf balls, tees and other accessories. Golfers wishing to pre-order a limited edition cover can do so from 13th May 2013 at $69.95 from the US online store at www.ijpusa.com for delivery in time for the tournament and within plenty of time for Father’s Day on Sunday 13th June.

Mark Truby, Managing Director at IJP Design said:

“The first in the series of the 2013 series of limited edition covers was a huge success and we’re confident the second design will be well received too, giving golf fans the opportunity to commemorate these great tournaments. The red wicker baskets and liberty bell are iconic symbols captured in the design along with a bold palate and distinctive style synonymous with Ian.”

For more, head on over to www.ijpusa.com.

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