7 Tips to Help Keep Your Grips Dry in the Rain

Follow these tips and you will be more than prepared when you see those rain clouds rolling in before you even tee off.
How to keep your grips dry when it’s raining.
  1. Keep some spare towels in your bag:  keeping a few extra dry towels in your bag is a pretty handy and simple solution. Taking the time to add a few to your bag ahead of time, and checking to make sure you have a couple before you tee off, will spare you the frustration of slippery grips and an absolutely terrible round later on. Just make sure to keep your towel inside your bag rather than hanging outside your bag on a rainy day.
  2. Keep a spare glove in your bag:  it doesn’t really matter how many dry towels you have in your bag if your glove is soaking wet. Keep your glove dry, and keep a spare dry glove in your bag just in case. Another great option is to keep your towels and glove in Ziploc bags for extra dry power.
  3. Use a golf bag rain cover: An effective way to keep the rain off your clubs. Many bags come with their own rain cover but you can easily buy one from any golf shop.
  4. Carry a good umbrella, or use a golf umbrella holder: A golf umbrella holder attaches to your cart and will help keep your umbrella in place and the rain off your club grips.  You can also carry an umbrella to protect you from the elements. However, if the wind picks up and you’re relying on an umbrella you picked up cheap at the gas station, you risk having an inside out umbrella in the sand trap.  Invest in a good umbrella: some good windproof umbrella brands include ShedRain, Gustbuster and Nike.
  5. Invest in a golf club holder:  Rather than putting your clubs down in the wet grass, a holder will keep your clubs elevated and upright (and much dryer).
  6. Consider corded grips:  While the reviews on corded grips are all over the map, one thing is fairly consistent: corded grips perform better in the rain.  Corded grips are something to consider but if you don’t like the way they feel when they are dry, extra towels or rain gloves are probably the better investment.
  7. Invest in rain gloves: Rain gloves are probably the best option for a downpour. For roughly $20 you can get a good pair that will save your grip and your game in the wettest of conditions. Some good rain gloves are made by FootJoy, House of Kangaroo, Taylormade and MacWet.

Give these a try the next time you’re caught out on the course in the rain!… and of course, submit your own tips on keeping your drips dry in the comments!

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