There was ‘Dufnering’ in ‘The Hangover’?

Dufnering in 'The Hangover'

Of all the ‘Dufnering’ moments I’ve seen thus far, this one has to be one of the best. Not because it was done on purpose, but because it was done inadvertently, in a movie, well before the ‘Dufnering’ phenomenon (or whatever it is) took hold.

@Bo5Boudreaux pointed out that @JasonDufner must have played in the hangover:

Was Jason Dufner in 'The Hangover'?

Zach Galifianakis, you look great in your ‘Dufnering’ pose. Fairly hilarious stuff.

The original 'Dufnering' photo.

The original ‘Dufnering’ photo.


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