Contest: Enter to win a Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver!

Cleveland Golf Classic XL Custom Driver

We are pleased to announce, that with the help and generosity of our friends @ClevelandGolf… we’re giving away one Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver! Awesome!

How to enter:

Entering the contest is easy. Simply reply to this post (in the comments below) and tell us WHY you want a Cleveland Classic XL Driver. Be creative and make your comment stand out from the crowd.

Additional Entries

Additional entries can be made by following @ClevelandGolf and @ForeScoreGolf golf on Twitter. To lock in your extra entry simply tweet us and tell us WHY you need the Classic XL Custom Driver in your bag.

Deadline for Entries

Deadline for contest entries is Wednesday, June 26th. Once a winner is selected, he or she will get the opportunity to specify the grip, loft and shaft they’d like on their Classic XL Custom driver. That’s right, not only does the driver come with adjustability built-in, we’re giving you some EXTRA customization by letting you choose key specs.

So what the heck are you waiting for? Go ahead and leave a comment below to this post to enter… and if you’re active on Twitter, hit @ClevelandGolf and @ForeScoreGolf up and tell us why you need this club.

Good luck to all!

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