Cleveland Golf’s Bloom Go! Set for Women

Ideal for women looking to start out in the game!
Cleveland Golf's Bloom Go! Set

Starting out with your first set of clubs can be a confusing (and expensive) proposition. Why so many clubs? What should I look for? How many clubs do I need? Cleveland Golf has aimed to answer those questions (and more) for the female golfer looking to get off to a solid start in the game.

Cleveland Golf’s ‘Bloom Go!’ set has everything a new golfer will need to get out on the course or range, and have FUN. The set includes six clubs and an ultra light stick bag. It’s perfect for beginners just starting out, or those that are simply hesitant to invest hard earned money into a full set.

Cleveland Bloom Go! Set Specs

Included in the set are the following clubs:

  • 3-wood – 19* loft
  • 5-hybrid – 23* loft
  • 7-iron – 31* loft
  • 9-iron – 39* loft
  • SW – 56* loft
  • Putter

Bloom Go! Photo Gallery

Cleveland Bloom Go! Stick Bag

The Stick Bag

Cleveland Bloom Go! 3 Wood

3 Wood

Cleveland Bloom Go! 5 Hybrid

5 Hybrid

Cleveland Bloom Go! 7 Iron

7 Iron

Cleveland Bloom Go! 9 Iron

9 Iron

Cleveland Bloom Go! Sand Wedge

Sand Wedge

Cleveland Bloom Go! Putter

The Bloom Go! Putter

Other Clubs are Available

The great thing about the set is it’s ‘expandable’ Should a player want to add a new club to the set, individual clubs are available for purchase, including a driver, niblick and 7-wood.

Where to Buy

For more information head over to Cleveland Golf or stop by your local pro shop or golf retailer to discuss with a professional. If you’re ready to buy right now, you can buy the set direct from Cleveland Golf for $399.99.

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