A Closer Look at the Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver

Old school looks with new school performance.
Cleveland Golf Classic XL Custom Driver

Among the most intriguing drivers Cleveland has launched over the past little while is the Classic XL. Combining classic looks with today’s technology, the XL is what I like to call a sleeper. You don’t expect much from it until you tee up that first ball and let it fly.


The styling on the Classic XL is unmistakably classic. From the look top down and on the sole, through to the so-very-cool retro headcover, the Classic XL has a retro-look all its own. The color and finish takes you back to a time when persimmon ruled… yet there’s still the presence of today’s technology peeking through over every tee shot. Don’t let the looks fool you. This driver is a beast. High-end distance, forgiveness and customization await.

Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver at Address

The classic look at address is undeniable.

Adjustability Built-in

The Classic XL Hosel

The hosel can be adjusted to 12 different positions.

Inside the XL Custom you’ll find a lot of adjustability. The hosel can be moved to one of 12 (yes… TWELVE) different settings. In the end, what this means for you is the ability to fine tune and dial in your driver. Fading (or dare I say SLICING) your tee ball with constancy? Dial it in. Hitting a regular draw, but want to hit it straight or perhaps with a touch of a fade? Dial it in.

On top of that, there’s also an interchangeable weight port. What this allows you to do is setup an optimal swingweight for your game. Pretty awesome.


The Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver comes with quite a few options. Lofts of 7.5*, 9.0* and 10.5* are all available. The 9.0* and 10.5* versions are available in left-hand as well. All come standard in 45″ length, with adjustable swing weights, face angles and weight. That’s the beautiful thing about this club… pick up the starting loft of your choice, and dial in the rest!

For more details be sure to hit up the XL Custom Driver at ClevelandGolf.com.

J.R. Falconer

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