Claude Giroux forced into surgery after golf mishap

Shattered club results in tendon damage to right index finger.
Claude Giroux forced into surgery after golf mishap

It’s not often we get to report on a hockey player here at ForeScore (in fact, we never have), but this little tidbit of offbeat news seemed noteworthy.

Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux had just had surgery on his right index finger due to an injury he sustained while golfing. Believe it.

Turns out the Flyers captain was out golfing when his club shattered and splintered into his index finger. No broken bones resulted, but there was some tendon damage that warranted a surgery.

At 25-years-old, Giroux recently signed an eight-year contract extension with the Flyers worth just over $64 million. He’s also one of 47 players invited to Team Canada’s Olympic orientation camp.

You think Flyers and Team Canada execs are going to demand he wear his hockey gloves on the course from here on in? I do. :P

Speedy recovery Claude. Looking forward to seeing you back on the ice soon.


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