Bridgestone rolls to the green with new True Balance Putters

This is the company’s first-ever putter line.
Bridgestone rolls to the green with True Balance Putters

Bridgestone has entered the putter market with a brand new (and their first-ever) lineup of putters. The ‘True Balance’ line will offer three new flatsticks for us to try.

The True Balance putters are said to increase feel by realigning the putters’ fulcrum. The tech inside redistributes weight in such a way that the balance point is less than 5 inches from the role of the putter. This allows the putter head to swing freely, letting you square up the face with ease at impact.

The putters also feature a counterbalance design that removes weight by using an ultralight graphite shaft and 100% EVA grip. These features are opposite of what we’re used to seeing today: heavier steel shafts coupled with rubber grips.

Bridgestone’s True Balance Putters will be available in March 2014 for a MSRP of $199 each. If the ultralight graphite and EVA grip aren’t for you, traditional steel-shafted models will be available for $149 each.

Note: The TD-01 and TD-03 are the only models available with ‘True Balance’ technology. The TD-02 is available in steel only.

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