Justin Who? Billy Horschel Steals the show with ‘Octopus Pants’ at the 2013 U.S. Open

Billy, lets make 'Ridiculous Sunday Pants' a tradition!
Billy Horschel Octopus Pants

I know we were all thrilled by the conclusion of the 2013 U.S. Open and the fine play by Justin Rose (well played Justin!)… But I think we know what the REAL big story was on Father’s Day at Merion… Billy Horschel and his Octopus Pants.

This was a new level. These days there are some flamboyant and stylish dressers on the PGA Tour for sure. Ian Poulter with his colourful outfits, Rickey Fowler and his trademark Puma gear and Sunday orange… but lets be honest, Billy Horschel took it to a new level this Sunday at the U.S. Open.

If you didn’t happen to catch it, Billy let ‘er rip on the first tee at Merion this Sunday in what appeared to be a patterned blue pant. At least, from afar, that’s how it looked. But as you took a closer look, wait, what was that? Yeah, that’s right… the young pro was wearing Octopus pants. Plain and simple. Hilarious? Sure. Cool? Maybe. Unique? Definitely.

One of the best things about this is Billy telegraphed his punch. If you follow Billy on Twitter you would have noticed that he let his followers know his Octopus pants were on, and ready for a final round charge at Merion.

I’m going to go right ahead and coin the phrase right now, ‘Ridiculous Sunday Pants’… because that’s exactly what I feel Billy pulled off this Sunday. Nay sayers be dammed, hecklers have at it, because Billy don’t care. That’s right, he’s wearing Octopus pants, and he doesn’t give a damn.

I have to give a sincere tip of the cap to Billy on his call. It certainly takes balls to wear something like that in front of thousands at the course, and millions watching worldwide. In the end it translates into the confidence and trust Billy has in his own game. He trusts it enough that he isn’t worried about any questioning or possible ‘gear grinding’ he may receive while wearing something as ridiculous as Octopus patterned pants.

While you didn’t win the U.S. Open Mr. Horschel, you certainly won the ‘most uniquely dressed’ award this Sunday. A hearty *tip of the cap* to Billy without a doubt. I’m sincerely hoping ‘ridiculous Sunday pants’ catches on, and we see more of this in the future.

Billy’s Octopus Pants are made by the Ralph Lauren (the RLX line), and are available for a cool $100.

You can follow Billy Horschel on Twitter @BillyHo_Golf.

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